Our Contract Screen Printing facility located in Toronto Ontario offers outstanding contract printing services locally and nationwide. We are devoted to offering the best of the best silkscreen printing to all of our clients for small quantity orders of 12 pieces or more all the way through large contract business orders that can include up to 20,000 units per day.  Our Toronto contract screen printing services are recognized nationally and globally as the premier supplier of top notch screen printing. With only 6 years of in the industry, we have grown very quickly and can tackle some of the most technically challenging jobs easily and flawlessly.  The Spin Ink facility is the home to many outstanding employees and professionals who are dedicated to their work to ensure amazing results. Here at Spin Ink Contract Screen Printing, we welcome all business no matter how small or how big and we want to ensure our customers that we are ready for any job at any time! We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Email us your graphic for a quote to trade@spinink.ca


The most widely used, most trusted and most popular screen printing ink in the world. Plastisol uses a plastic, oil-based screen printing ink and if you want your design to have bright, vibrant colors that will survive countless cycles through the washing machine, then this is the option for you. Plastisols are the most commonly used inks for printing designs on to garments and are particularly useful for printing opaque graphics on dark fabrics; this is because opaque ink can be used on many substrates. One of the benefits of using plastisol is that the colors are custom mixed, specifically tailored to your design, and because plastisol inks will not dry, they must be cured (done with an industrial textile dryer). Most plastisols need to reach a temperature of about 290-330 degrees for full curing.

WaterBased Inks

Waterbase Screen Printing uses an environmentally friendly water-based formula to make the pigment. They have recently become very popular because of the distressed, worn look that is easy to achieve with water-based inks. When its applied to a garment, it’s so soft that it is almost impossible to feel. Water-based inks dry fast once they’re applied to the shirt, so completing a more opaque image is difficult to achieve.



Discharge Screen Printing is a really fun technique that uses a bleach agent to remove the dye out of the garment instead of adding ink to create a design. For example, a black shirt can be discharged to the design so that it would appear white. Because there isn’t any ink applied to the shirt, you can’t feel the design! We often use the discharge process in connection with water-based inks to provide the brightest water-based colors possible! Water Based inks used with discharge printing provides beautiful colors on very soft prints, which makes it a unique alternative to the traditional plastic inks.

Specialty Treatments

We also offer Specialty Treatments in addition to screen printing, which can make your garment even more exclusive. Transform your t-shirt into a one-of-a-kind must-have by adding glitter, foil, even glow in the dark and crackle base! Imagine showing off your specialty shirt with these awesome features!

To complete our Screen Printing Orders, we use four automatic machines as well as three manual machines. We are able to print up to 10 different colors! We ask that you have a minimum order of 36 pieces for 1-color design.